Sunday, August 2, 2020

Labeling Reading List

This is a compilation I made of (mostly published) papers and books concerning labeling in syntax. Most of the titles were sent to me after I posted a call on Facebook (on July 29th, 2020).

Sunday, July 26, 2020

ELAN Training Videos

ELAN is a program that allows you to transcribe audio and video recordings for linguistic research. In this post, I list some of the video resources on the internet for learning ELAN.

10 Things I miss about NYC

I have been in Botswana for over a year now. Even though I love Botswana, there are a certain number of things that I can do in NYC that I cannot do in Botswana, and I miss them.

How to Review a Syntax Paper


The objective of a review for a linguistics journal is to evaluate whether a submission advances the scientific study of human language. If the submission makes such an advance, it should be accepted. If it does not, it should be rejected.

Embracing Failure in Linguistics

Working in linguistics can be mentally and emotionally challenging. The field is set up in a way to measure performance at almost every turn, and often there is a negative outcome. I will give a list of some types of failure and rejection, and then give general advice on how to handle them. I suggest that failure should be seen in a positive light, as an opportunity for growth. It should not be feared, but rather embraced, and it should definitely not lower your self-esteem.

Remembering Rahul Balusu

I have just learned that Rahul Balusu has passed away.