Monday, October 12, 2020

Forms of the Copula in English

Here is a new paper on morphology. I do not intend to post this to Lingbuzz. 

Abstract: In this paper, I give a syntactic analysis of the suppletive forms of the copula (i.e., is, are, am) that eschews reference to late insertion, competition and blocking. Rather, the paradigm is explained in terms of a rich set of functional projections dominating the copular VP, and principles by which the heads of those projections are spelled-out.

Forms of the Copula in English

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Labeling without Labels (Collins and Seely)

Abstract: Despite the use of the expressions ‘labels, ‘labeling algorithm’ and ‘projection’ (of labels), it is argued that the labeling algorithm in Chomsky 2013 in fact assumes and is constructed within a label-free syntax of just the sort developed by Collins 2002 and Seely 2006.

Labeling without Labels

Monday, October 5, 2020

Purchasing an E-Reader for Academic Work

I purchased the Onyx Boox Max3 (OBM3) just over two weeks ago. The purpose of this post is to describe why I purchased it, and my experiences with it so far. Hopefully, the post will be of use to other academics who want to purchase an e-reader. As I get more and more accustomed to using it, I will continue to revise this post.