Friday, December 17, 2021

Principles of Argument Structure: A Merge-Based Approach

Principles of Argument Structure: A Merge-Based Approach

Abstract: In this monograph, I argue for a Merge-based theory of argument structure based on the Argument Criterion/Theta-Criterion, a principle of UG. Using Principles A and B of the Binding Theory, the distribution of Helke expressions and secondary predicates, I show that the implicit argument of the short passive in English is syntactically projected. I situate these empirical results in a general theory of implicit arguments. Similarly, I argue that the by-phrase in the passive is externally merged in the same position as the external argument in the active. I show that my analysis is superior empirically to analyses which do not adopt the Argument Criterion/Theta-Criterion. Lastly, I discuss the consequences of the Merge-based theory for the conception of voice in syntactic theory, and for the role of formal semantics in a theory of argument structure.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

MaS2 (Morphology as Syntax 2)



The second Morphology as Syntax workshop (MaS2), organized by UCLA, will take place online on June 10-11 2022, from 9 am-12.30pm PDT (Please adjust to your local time zone). 

The purpose of the workshop is to investigate the relationship between morphology and syntax, and in particular to investigate the extent to which morphological generalizations can be accounted for in terms of purely syntactic operations and conditions.  See here for MaS1.

The workshop will involve talks by invited speakers followed by question periods, and comments by panel members followed by general discussion. Here is the line-up of speakers and panel members:

Invited speakers (in alphabetical order): 

Pavel Caha,  

Norbert Corver, 

Karen De Clercq

Marit Julien

Heather Newell

Dimitrios Ntelitheos and 

Edwin Williams

Panel members: 

Antonio Fábregas

Michelle Sheehan

The workshop will be free. Please spread the word. Hope to see many of you on zoom in June.

--Hilda Koopman

(on behalf of my fellow UCLA organizers, Stefan Keine and Harold Torrence)