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Friday, August 20, 2021

Nominal Possession in Tongugbe (Collins and Gotah)

 Abstract: Kpoglu 2019 notes that the choice of possessive markers in the Tongugbe dialect of Ewe depends on the plurality of the possessor. Building on his observations, we investigate possessive makers in Tongugbe in the case of plural mismatches, defined as cases where the DP is plural, but does not have a final plural marker. We show that both subject clitic doubling and possessor clitic doubling are obligatory in the case of plural mismatches.

Nominal Possession in Tongugbe

Sasi Videos (with translations into Setswana and English)

As part of my ELDP grant on documenting Sasi, I made the following subtitled videos and posted them to YouTube. The subtitles give the Sasi transcription, and also the English and Setswana translations.