Thursday, April 27, 2017

Useful Links for Syntacticians

A list of useful links for syntacticians. I will update this if people send me other links.

Useful Links for Syntacticians
Lingbuzz (hot new papers on syntax)                        
Blackwell Linguistic Compass           
Blackwell Companion to Syntax
Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (articles relevant to semantics)
50 Years of Linguistics at MIT (see the videos on syntax and semantics)
MIT Working Papers in Linguistics   
EALING archives (videos and handouts, EALING stands for Ecole d'Automne de Linguistique)
The syntax of natural language:  An online introduction using the Trees program
Beatrice Santorini , Anthony Kroch
World Atlas of Language Structures (online database)
(it can be addictive to start playing with this)
Syntactic Structures of the World’s Languages (online database)
The AFRANAPH Project (online database)
Leipzig Glossing Rules
The Scope Fieldwork Project
Typological Tools for Field Linguists (Max Plank Institute)
Yale Grammatical Diversity Project: English in North America
Semantics: An International Handbook of Natural Language Meaning
MIT D-Space (for MIT linguistics theses)
David Pesetksy @ 60 (a web site with talk by David Pesetsky’s students)
Norbert Hornstein’s Faculty of Language Blog
David Adger’s Blog: Syntax and Other Stuff
Heidi Harley’s Blog
Gillian Ramchand’s Blog

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