Monday, July 3, 2017

Incomplete Comparatives as Ellipsis

I have been sitting on this paper for around two years. I don't know what prevented me from finishing a distribution draft. Perhaps, I did not have enough time, especially while I was Botswana. Or I was not fully convinced of the judgments. Lastly, there are lots of mysteries (especially about islands) that really bug me. I feel the solutions are in reach, but I don't know what they are. It is possible that I am afraid others will step in and come up with the solutions to the mysteries before I can. Whatever the reason, here it is. It forms the last paper in a sequence with some other papers of mine (available on Lingbuzz): "Relative Clause Deletion", "Adjunct Deletion", "Quantifier Domain Restriction" (and more distantly the phenomena of 'ghosting' in Collins and Postal 2012). These are all very non-standard cases of ellipsis, and none of the 'ellipserati' (a term I learned from Matthew Barros, coined by Ken Safir) would accept them, I believe.

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