Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Seminar in Syntax: Argument Structure in Minimalist Syntax

Seminar in Syntax                                                                                                    Fall 2018
Argument Structure in Minimalist Syntax

Time:              TR, 12:30-1:45pm
Place:              10 WP 103

Instructor:     Professor Chris Collins
Office:             10 Washington Place, Room 411
E-Mail:           cc116@nyu.edu

Course Description
This is a seminar on the syntax of argument structure in the framework of minimalist syntax, focusing on the passive and the dative alternation. We will read and discuss recent papers on these topics. The course will alternate between lectures and student led discussions (and occasional guest lectures). Some of the issues of particular interest are:

i.  What is the syntactic status of implicit arguments in the short passive?
ii. How do implicit arguments in the short passive relate to other kinds of implicit arguments? Are there different kinds of implicit arguments?
iii.  What is the status of the by-phrase in the passive? Argument, adjunct or neither?
iv.  What is the relation between the passive and the dative alternation?
v. What is the relation between the double object construction (e.g., give John a book) and the prepositional dative construction (e.g., give a book to John)?
vi.  What is the status of UTAH in Universal Grammar?
vii. What is the trade-off between syntax and semantics in analyzing the passive and in analyses of argument structure more generally?

Selected Readings:
Alexiadou, Artemis, Elena Anagnostopoulou and Florian Schäfer. 2015. External Arguments in
Transitivity Alternations: A Layering Approach. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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