Saturday, June 8, 2019

Two Conceptions of VoiceP

I wrote this paper during my seminar on argument structure in Fall 2018. The paper is fairly rough, and I could spend a lot of time getting the logic to be perfect. But I am leaving for Botswana on June 26 (2019), so I thought it was better to get it out there before I left.

Abstract: In this note, I compare two distinct conceptions of VoiceP. On one conception, the external argument is projected (externally merged) into Spec VoiceP (Kratzer 1996). On the other conception, VoiceP plays no role in the projection of arguments, but determines how the arguments are realized in various A-positions. I dub these two theories the Projection Theory and the Realization Theory respectively. I present several reasons for preferring the Realization Theory.

Two Conception of VoiceP

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