Monday, December 16, 2019

Summary of OWG Blog (December 16, 2019)

My blog recently passed 20,000 page views (not including my own page views). In honor of that occasion, I have decided to summarize the statistics for my blog as of today.

The blog is important for me in that it allows me to express my thoughts to others, helping me to articulate and develop them. I often place the posts on Facebook first, and I have had many great discussions there where I have learned a lot from people who I might not normally have had contact with. It is also a venue for publication that is rougher than Lingbuzz, where papers need to be fairly polished (submission ready). Lastly, it allows me to make announcements. The advantage of the blog over Facebook is that Facebook is fairly ephemeral. Once you make a post, it disappears soon thereafter into oblivion and is hard for people to locate later on. The blog posts have more permanence and are easier to find (they are organized by date and label).

Here are the statistics as of today (December 16, 2019)

Pageviews all time history: 20,157
Followers: 5
Posts: 106
Posts by other people: 1 (Jeffrey Punske)
Date of First Post: March 25, 2017
Title of First Post: What Kind of Syntactician are You?

Top Posts:
Below, I list the top posts and the number of views of each. This will give the reader a sense of the kinds of topics I post about, and the interest of the readers.


Training Program: Linguistic Fieldwork on the Khoisan Languages of Botswana

(1319 views, October 12, 2019)

Statement of Objectives
(472 views, April 1, 2017)

Useful Links for Syntacticians
(304 views, April 27, 2017)
Note: I have not updated this for a while, if people have suggestions, let me know.

(284 views, April 21, 2017)

What Kind of Syntactician are You?
(247 views, March 5, 2017)

You know you’re a syntactician when….
(222 views, April 22, 2017)

Obituary: Jeffrey S. Gruber
(views 183, April 15, 2017)

Giving a Talk – Some Practical Advice
(views 174, January 7, 2019)

Review of Compositional Semantics, by Pauline Jacobson
(views 168, August 1, 2018)

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