Saturday, January 18, 2020

ELDP Work Package for Documenting Sasi (huc)

In case you are wondering what an ELDP project plan looks like, I am posting mine here. This award is under the category Small Grant.

Work package 1: [January 2020] to [August 2020]

Resulting Deliverables
Jan – May 2020
  • Collect (written and/or oral) informed consent
  • Train community members in video recording for them to record their grandparents speaking Sasi
  • Video record traditional folklore, instructions (like skinning an animal, tending cattle, preparing food, etc.), greetings, recipes, personal anecdotes, descriptions (of landmarks, the weather, plants and animals, etc.), oral histories, songs, conversations, etc.
  • Create metadata
  • Define access
  • Translate into English and Setswana 10 hrs of video, phonetically transcribe 5 hrs and fully gloss with English glosses 3 hrs of recordings. The ELAN-FLEx-ELAN will be used.
  • Subtitle 10 videos in Sasi and Setswana for the local community and for Botswana citizens. 10 videos will be made with subtitles in Sasi and English for wider distribution. The subtitles will be extracted from ELAN
  • Back up data
  • At least 20 hrs of video
  • 10 hrs translated into English and Setswana in ELAN
  • 5 hrs phonetically transcribed
  • 3 hrs fully glossed with English glosses in FLEX
  • 10 videos subtitled in Sasi and Setswana, and 10 videos subtitled in Sasi and English
  • FLEx database
  • IMDI metadata
Aug 2020
  • Deposit data with ELAR
  • Prepare and submit report to ELDP

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