Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ewe Cultural Universe on Video

Compiled by Chris Collins, Spring 2021

During my Spring 2021 seminar "Structure of Ewe", I started every class with a five minute cultural video. I thought this would help the students get a flavor for Ewe culture, and that might make them more interested in the linguistic structures we were investigating. Here are the results of my efforts.

At fufu restaurant in Lome, Togo

[Duration: 1:38][Category: food][Ewe: fufu]

How to prepare yam fufu

[Duration: 6:15][Category: food][Ewe: fufu]

The village where childbirth is banned

[Duration: 1:39][Category: religion]

Dzigbordi Dance Drumming

[Duration: 10:00][Category: music][Ewe: agbadza]

Miwɔe nam le agbe me Part 2 - Nɔvinyo Bɔbɔbɔ Band, Kpando Vol. 3

[Duration: 31:23][Category: music][Ewe: bɔbɔbɔ]

Ampe Adenta Project

[Duration: 1:05][Category: games][Ewe: ampe]


[Duration: 1:34][Category: games][Ewe: ampe]

Nana Benz Trailer Official

[Duration: 1:22][Category: commerce, clothing][Ewe: avɔ ‘cloth’] 

Togo pays de pagne et couture (subtitles in English)

[Duration: 6:58][Category: commerce, clothing][Ewe: avɔ ‘cloth’] 

Palm Wine Making in Eastern Ghana

[Duration: 3:15][Category: food][Ewe: deha ‘palm wine’]

How Palm Wine is Made in Ghana

[Duration: 2:02][Category: food][Ewe: deha ‘palm wine’]

Kente cloth weaving in Ewe, Ghana

[Duration: 2:35][Category: clothing][Ewe: eʋevɔ]

Kente Weaving (Documentary of traditional Ghana cloth)

[Duration: 2:17][Category: clothing][Ewe: eʋevɔ]


[Category: parenting][Ewe: evikpakpa “carrying baby on back”]

Ghanain Baby Wraps

[Duration: 0:52][Category: parenting][Ewe: evikpakpa “carrying baby on back”]

How to Tie Baby on Your Back Ghanaian/African Style 

 [Duration: 3:28][Category: parenting][Ewe: evikpakpa “carrying baby on back”]

My stolen childhood: understanding the trokosi system – BBC Africa Eye documentary

[Duration: 25:41][Category: religion][Ewe: trokosi, vodusi]

An African boy’s remarkable odyssey to the arctic

[Duration: 4:24] [Category: history]


[Category: History][Ewe: agbogbo]

BD-Agbogbo – La Muraille du Roi Agokoli

[Duration: 2:22][Category: History][Ewe: agbogbo]

Tutu gbovi

[Duration 1:13][Category: Music]

Tu Tu Gbovi

[Category: Music]

The Benin ‘Yovo’ Chant!

[Duration: 0:23][Category: children][Ewe: yovo ‘white person’]

How To Make The Famous Ghana Street Food Yor Ke Gari

[Duration: 8:05][Category: food][Ewe: Gari]

How to make luxurious gari fortor

[Duration: 9:14][Category: food][Ewe: gari]

How I make Gari soakings GHANA

[Duration: 2:24][Category: food][Ewe: gari]

How to Make Ghana Homemade Gari in Abroad

[Duration: 9:46][Category: food][Ewe: gari]

Languages of New York City

[Category: language][Ewe: egbewo ‘languages’]

Radio Garden

[Category: language]

Basel Mission Archives

[Category: history]

Colonial Borders: GHANA and WESTERN TOGOLAND

[Duration: 14:28][Category: History]

WWI: The crucial battle for Togo

[Duration: 4:20][Category: History]

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