Sunday, July 26, 2020

ELAN Training Videos

ELAN is a program that allows you to transcribe audio and video recordings for linguistic research. In this post, I list some of the video resources on the internet for learning ELAN.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of videos out there, so I present them in order of usefulness for linguists. In other words, I recommend starting with Andrea L. Berez’ excellent introduction, and proceeding from there.

The purpose of these videos is just to get you started. The best way to learn how to use ELAN is to actually use it to transcribe and translate your video and audio files.

A series of videos from RNLD created by Andrea L. Berez
I highly recommend this series as a starting point for learning ELAN.

i. L10 Introduction to ELAN
ii. L10 Downloading and Installing ELAN
iii. L10 Starting a Project in ELAN
iv.  L10 Creating a Transcription in ELAN
v.  Adding a Translation to ELAN
Note: Perhaps the most confusing thing about ELAN is the system of tiers and types. This video does a good job explaining a simple set-up.

Elan & Flex Workshop 29 March 2017
(ARC Center of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language:

A rambling introduction to ELAN. Lots of useful information.

A series of videos by Chris Rogers
These videos are not quite as user-friendly as the Berez videos, but still contain useful information).

i. Setting up an ELAN database
ii. Segmenting and Annotating in ELAN
Note: Analyzes an audio recording of a word list using segmentation mode.
iii. Extracting Individual Sound files from ELAN using Praat

A series of videos by Virginia J. Flood
An introduction to ELAN by a non-linguist. She does not incorporate sound files into her set-up, so it is probably not a good model for most linguistic applications. But she does discuss briefly aspects of transcribing gesture that may be useful for some researchers.

i. Basic Tour of ELAN Window
ii. How to embed video and create tiers in ELAN
Note: She sets up tiers for two participants and their gestures.
iii. Annotations on Different Tiers
Note: She shows how to segment a video without using a sound file.

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