Sunday, July 5, 2020

Smuggling in Syntax (Toc)

Forthcoming from OUP.

by Adriana Belletti and Chris Collins
Ways of smuggling in syntactic derivations
by Adriana Belletti
Punctual time adverbials in Italian: A smuggling analysis
by Valentina Bianchi
On smuggling, the freezing ban, labels, and tough-constructions
by Željko Bošković
A smuggling approach to the dative alternation
by Chris Collins
On measure phrase alternation and smuggling
by Norbert Corver
Canonical and reverse predication in the syntax of the active/passive diathesis alternation
by Marcel den Dikken
On the syntax of the can’t seem construction in English
by Hilda Koopman
On children’s late acquisition of raising seem and control promise: Is a unified account possible?
by Victoria Mateu and Nina Hyams
Remnant movement and smuggling in some romance interrogative clauses
by Cecilia Poletto and Jean-Yves Pollock
Smuggling, ergativity, and the final-over-final condition
Ian Roberts

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